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Software is not limited by physics, like buildings are. It is limited by imagination, by design, by organization. In short, it is limited by properties of people not by properties of the world. 

Martin Fowler

In 2014, when we started to rethink the Software Architect profession, we realized that software architects should assume not just the responsibility of making software but also the potential interactions between their solutions and the rest of the world. For instance, in a smart city design, the mission of the software architect is to envision the potential interactions that would be necessary to inform citizens about the next train or bus; the bus must be informed about the traffic conditions on its route; electric cars need to be informed about the availability and allocation of electric chargers, streets should be ready to gather the energy provided from people walking so it can be transformed into another type of energy that is useful, for instance, for streetlights, and so on.
Software Architects will need a revolution in their skills if they have to face the challenges of this era. They cannot keep focusing on only a single part of the production system. They will need to have a full view of the system and the business. Especially, they will have to be able to innovate faster, understanding the real value for their business and foreseeing the wishes of their customers.
The breath of this revolution will imply software architects collaborate with a variety of experts of different disciplines, working together and taking common responsibility of the business. That’s why software architects will have to master others skills broader of the software engineering body of knowledge.
We understand Software Architects play a key role in the creation and innovation of the products and services of their organizations. Architects should understand software not only as code, diagrams, patterns or processes, but also as better designs for improving the communication and feelings with humans, suitable integration among new digital technologies and software, working methods for fostering more innovative solutions, and its strategic value for the business.

“Architects design and build the world, transform our reality. Software Architects do this in the Digital World”.  José Antonio Granero – Former Dean Chamber of Architects of Madrid.
The Software Architect Code: Building the Digital World – edX.org

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